Sunday, May 16, 2010

The sun will come out...

It's been a long time since I blogged. I had actually forgotten all about it, until someone read it and reminded me. They were telling me how badly they felt for my plight, and here I am thinking, what plight? So it seems, I was feeling a bit down and out for awhile, but all good things come to those who wait. Today as I sit and watch my goofy husband playing with our dog, both of them howling on all fours, I can't help but laugh. The sun is out, I have a wonderful family, and my marriage has never been better. So things didn't work out quite like we had planned, financially speaking, but I'm actually glad they didn't. Good things can come out of bad situations. I don't think Keith and I would be as happy together as we are, if we hadn't had to fight together for our family and some form of financial stability.

Nearly losing all you thought important has a funny way of re-prioritizing your life and focusing you on what is really important: people, life, love. I'm now back to working as a social worker in hospice and I am humbled every day at the work I am allowed to do and the people I am able to touch. Making a difference really makes a difference in my life. Now would it be nice to be a millionaire and never have to work? Sure, I think it might be. But for those who don't have to struggle for that, who never know what it's like to be nearly destitute, they are missing out. Sounds funny, but if you don't have to struggle, you really can never appreciate the important things. The ability to have a roof over one's head, breakfast on the table, and people to share that with.

So here's to the important things: friends, family, love, and life.

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